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To me it smacks of an aggressive, abrasive optimism that undermines the sincerity and dignity of the sentiment expressed. I've never been the kind of girlfriend who expects a guy to modify his behavior to accommodate my preferences, yet every time I hear him use the word Dear Duper, I have a revolting habit: I pick my feet.

I can spend hours engaged in what Dave Barry, a fellow compulsive, calls "foot maintenance." It’s super gross, yet my darling husband, perhaps not the most observant of men, has never remarked on my monkeylike grooming ritual.

3) How to present the best possible version of you, and how online dating apps can hinder that.

4) How to find him at his best 5) Benefits of prolonging the courtship: patience pays!

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If you mother-in-law screams to her son, “Don’t eat that! Of course, this would require your husband to take your concerns seriously.

It’s alarming to think your mother-in-law might be deliberately sickening you.

Equally distressing is the fact that your husband does not believe you when you describe her malicious behavior.

You need to tell your husband that after becoming repeatedly ill at your in-law’s house, you have become afraid for your health.

Nobody knows exactly why, but I’m pretty sure that all the advertising imagery emphasizing women’s inadequacy is probably not helping.

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” Or “You screwed that one up again because you don’t really deserve to be happy anyway.” Or worse?